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I am a

Hello, my name is Matt Jurgemeyer. I’m co-founder of Affect Visual Communication in Denver Colorado.

Most recently I spent almost ten years serving in a variety of roles at Influence Technologies designing & developing web applications and content for an interactive video platform called iVX. I enjoy strengthening brands, creating interactive experiences, finding solutions that make things easier and working with talented people.

About Me

Thanks for taking a look at my work, and if you’re still reading this far, for taking an interest in learning a little more about me.

Before moving to Denver in 2006, I resided in Austin, Texas. I spent the first 7 years of my career in Austin working at several interactive and traditional advertising agencies.  During that time, I worked with some incredibly talented people and was able to learn that I loved both the creative and technical sides of things. I’ve continued to develop those interests working in advertising and product development in roles including Creative Director, Art Director, Designer, Motion Graphics Designer, Video Editor, UX Architect, Usability Consultant, Front-end Developer, and Design Architect.

Send me a message below if you’d be interested in working with me or if you’d just like talk about design, development, scotch, or Texas Longhorns football.

If forms aren’t your thing, you can also email me or give me a call at 303.362.3892.

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