Arizona State University

U.S. News rankings of the most innovative universities has been headlined by Arizona State University for several years. As a part of this innovation, ASU incorporates the iVX platform from Influence Technologies in their communication through the delivery of interactive experiences to prospective and current students. 

While at Influence, I was heavily involved in the design and development of these experiences as well as many other forms of online communication, including micro-sites, email campaigns, and web applications.

Digital Education Partnerships

Beginning with their Starbucks partnership in creating the College Achievement Plan, ASU has since partnered with several other organizations to provide college education to employees. I helped plan and execute a network of interactive applications that worked in unison to educate, enroll, and continue to communicate with students. This network can easily be customized to different partnerships to fit with their offerings.

Global Freshman Academy

Not all companies offer the opportunity to earn a college education. In an effort to make some of their courses available to everyone, the Global Freshman Academy was launched. It offers individuals the opportunity to take the same courses, from the same faculty as on-campus ASU students. Users can earn transferable ASU credit from anywhere in the world.

Sun Devil Athletics

On occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to work on projects that explore what might be possible when removing some of the current constraints in place. The Sun Devil Athletics home page redesign was one such project where I was tasked with creating what the current site could look like. As a fan of college sports, this was a great opportunity for me to think about what I’d want to see. The final design aimed at providing a place to quickly get information about upcoming events as well as giving fans a way to communicate with their fellow fans, getting prospective athlete recruits interested in the program, and offering an online storefront for purchasing ASU merchandise.

Degree Audit Resource Center

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) is a robust tool for ASU students to track their performance towards degree goals to ensure they are on the correct path to graduation. However, the tool is often cumbersome and difficult to understand. As a companion to DARS, I helped create the Degree Audit Resource Tool to help educate students about DARS and communicate via interactive video to show step-by-step how to use all the tools available in tracking progress and choosing the correct course load.