Influence Technologies

After operating for 3 and a half years as an advertising agency and developing the beginnings of an interactive video platform, Influence Technologies was born. As one of the original employees, I was a part of the platform from the start. Serving in a variety of roles over 6 and a half years at Influence, I was able to play a large role in the planning, design, and development of all the pieces of the platform used to deliver interactive video experiences to serve across several verticals. 

Influence Website

The website for Influence Technologies went through several iterations through the years. The online presence is used to help communicate with enterprise clients to provide information on how the platform can be used to increase lead conversion and build an on-going online relationship with clients while integrating with their existing infrastructure.

iVX Admin

The admin tool is central to all experiences on the iVX Platform. The admin is used to set up all aspects of campaigns and experiences and provides tools to hook into 3rd party APIs to expand functionality. The admin is also used for setting up key performance indicators, triggering events based on user interactions, and tracking usage, completion, and conversions.

iVX User Dashboard

The dashboard tool is used to deliver experiences and evaluate performance. Experiences can be customized on a per user basis or can work with a variety of formats to send large batches to prospective leads or current customers.


As a means to speed up the production and delivery of experiences, StoryForge was created. Working with a talented developer, I lead efforts in UI and UX of a tool that provides multiple views into architecting experience flows and then exports the JSON, CSS, and JavaScript used to drive experiences on the iVX Platform.