Opal is a marketing collaboration platform. Using Opal helps teams have an aligned strategy, create with consistency, speed up the review process, improve the facilitation of content, and easily integrate with a company’s preferred distribution method.

Opal Marketing Website

Opal has a talented design and development team, but as is often the case, they didn’t have the bandwidth to develop their own website while focusing on their product. I was approached by Opal to bring their website design to life using their existing CMS. I built out a system of templates that would work with Craft CMS and streamlined their styling by integrating a pre-compiler in their build process.

Opal Blog

After the relaunch of their marketing website, Opal wanted to refresh the blog to match up with the new look and feel. The blog was a much simpler tool than the website and WordPress was chosen as a tool to handle content management. Using designs supplied by the Opal design team, I built a theme and set up the content for the blog.