During my time with Influence Technologies, I was given the opportunity to work on the launch of Starbuck’s College Achievement Plan. Introduced in 2014, this initiative is a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Arizona State University that gives Starbucks partners the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree with full tuition coverage.

I worked on a variety of projects, including a portal for educating and enrolling partners, vehicles for on-going communication with partners and partner graduates, promotional materials, and in-store applications for getting partners started on the pathway to admission.

Additionally, I worked on the Starbucks Global Academy, which provides partners abroad with online courses to access life-long learning worldwide.

College Achievement Plan Welcome App

The Welcome App is a web application made available to Starbucks partners to provide more information about the program and allow partners to learn about their individual eligibility. When eligible, partners can begin the application process to get started towards earning a college degree.

Partner Application Tool

Another avenue for educating and enrolling partners into the program is via in-store communication with store managers. Each manager has access to an iPad installed with the Partner Application Tool. This tool not only provides information about the program and degree options but also gives store managers district participation information to see how each district is doing in comparison to their peers.

Graduate Nurture Application

An important part of the entire College Achievement Plan ecosystem is the collection of data and continued communication with current and past students. The Graduate Nurture Application reaches out to previous graduates to collect their success stories which are used in providing helpful information and inspiration for prospective and current students.

Starbucks Global Academy

For partners not yet meeting the eligibility requirements, Starbucks offers some other options to begin taking courses to prepare for further education once they can be accepted into the College Achievement Plan program. The Starbucks Global Academy website allows these partners an option for exploring degrees, experiencing what it is like to take a course online, connecting with other partners going through the process, and earning digital badges to help build their resumes. The content is also delivered in several languages making it accessible to Starbuck’s partners outside of the US.